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Behaviour Services

Working with you to help your child reach their full potential

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  • Accessing therapy that effectively teaches your child new skills while celebrating their unique identity
  • Making the right choices to help your child
  • Your child’s ability to make friends, fit in socially, and be accepted by others
  • Not receiving proper training to use the strategies at home that your child’s therapist successfully uses with your child
  • Your child’s therapist not valuing your input

Speak to our intake team at no cost or commitment


Helping your child reach their full potential

Our behaviour therapy makes complex behaviour strategies simple. We will provide you with effective strategies so that you can help your child.

Celebrating your Child’s Uniqueness

Our behaviour therapy focuses on using effective strategies to teach your child new skills while celebrating their own unique identity.

Collaboration that is Personalized

You know your child the best. Our team will work with you to ensure our strategies are the most effective for your child

Constant Support

Life can be difficult. Our therapists will be here to guide you to ensure your child uses positive behaviors in everyday situations.

Our Services

In-Home Services

Our team will come to your home to provide personalized ABA therapy in the environment your child spends most of their time.




Centre-Based Services

Our team will work with your child to help prepare your child for success in any environment, especially for school. 

Group Programs

Our interactive social skills group programs are fun and designed to improve your child’s social skills.



Support Groups

Horizons Behaviour Consulting is deeply committed to strengthening the family unit. That is why we provide a welcoming space for parents through our safe and open-minded support groups, where they can engage in meaningful conversations and mutual support.


Horizons Behaviour Consulting camps offer a blend of fun activities, ABA programming, social learning, and skill-building in a supportive environment. Let your child thrive while making new friends.

Adult Services​

Coming soon!





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How We Get There

Register & Enroll

Register & Enroll

Complete our Registration Form to help us learn more about your child



A member from our clinical team will contact you to discuss you child’s needs and strengths in more detail.



Our team will assess and observe your child to determine the child’s skills and build a friendly relationship with them

Personlised Treatment Plan

Personalized Treatment Plan

A BCBA will then develop a customized treatment plan to help your child.

Implementation and Skill development

Implementation and Skill development

Together, we will see your child learn new behaviours in therapy, all within a fun and supportive learning environment.

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Lauren Camellato

Senior Therapist

Lauren has been working in the field of ABA for 5 years and is a Registered Behaviour Analyst (Ontario) and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Lauren first began working with children with ASD through providing support at summer programs teaching children with exceptionalities to swim and bike. She has since gained experience working with young adults in Life Skills programming, as well as providing IBI and tutoring services to children. Lauren went on to obtain an Autism Behaviour Science certificate and further her education in the field of ABA and pursue a degree through Florida Institute of Technology’s Masters of Behaviour Analysis Practice program. Lauren is passionate about practicing ABA through compassionate care and strives to create environments that foster each child’s unique learning style.