Who we are

The team at Horizons Behaviour Consulting is made up of a small diverse group of professionals. It was founded in 2018 by Matt Derkach with the hopes of helping clients and their parents learn in their natural environment. Matt wanted to open an agency that provided in-home services that was professional, ethical, and had a family-focused approach.

Today Horizons Behaviour Consulting continues to integrate the latest ABA research and technology to offer the best options to our clients. Led by a talented team of clinicians, Horizons Behaviour Consulting utilizes evidence-based practices to develop practical and family-focused approaches to ensure the best possible results.


Every child and adult has the potential to reach their hopes and dreams, regardless of their diagnosis or abilities. Horizons Behaviour Consulting believes in providing both the child or adult, and their parents or caregivers with an individualized program that is based on the research-based methodologies of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Clinical Team

Our clinical team consists of a Clinical Supervisor, a Senior Therapist, and Instructor Therapists

Clinical Supervisor
The role of the Clinical Supervisor is to assess, develop, and recommend individualized evidence-based behaviour strategies to help your child. In addition, the Clinical Supervisor is responsible for supervising the Senior and Instructor Therapists as they implement the behaviour intervention and attend your child’s therapy sessions as needed.

Senior Therapist
The role of the Senior Therapist is to work in collaboration with the Clinical Supervisor and the Instructor Therapists. This may include directly attending your child’s therapy sessions, providing supervision and training to the Instructor Therapists, and monitoring your child’s progress.   

Instructor Therapist
The role of the Instructor Therapist is to provide direct therapy with your child and to assist the Clinical Supervisor and Senior Therapist in activities related to your child’s assessment and the development of the behaviour intervention plan. In addition, the Instructor Therapist provides behaviour training to the parents and assists the clinical supervisor in monitoring the different behaviour programs.