Secret Agent Society®


A Fun Way to Help Your Child with Social and Emotional Difficulties

Secret Agent Society (SAS) is a 11-week small group program for children between the ages 8-12 years old to help them improve their social skills and emotional regulation. The program includes weekly Cadet Club Meetings (with 4-6 other children) that teaches the children how to appropriately respond to real life situations, parent/caregiver education to help support their children at home, in-home secret missions, teacher information sessions, and a system to help reward and monitor the cadet’s progress at home and school. It also includes assessments, individualized goals, and treatment plans for each participant. At the end of this program, children will graduate as a “secret agent,” and will have learned how to:

  • recognize emotions in themselves and others
  • express feelings in appropriate ways
  • talk and play with others
  • solve friendship problems
  • cope with change, make mistakes, and deal with bullying
This evidence-based curriculum incorporates gamified learning (SAS Computer Pack Game) to motivate children to complete espionage themed programs such as Helpful Thought Missile Zapper Game, role-playing through the SAS Challenger Board Game; finding smart solutions with the D.E.C.O.D.E.R problem solving formula; and deciphering emotions through Secret Message Transmission Device Game

Weekly Cadet Meetings

11 Sessions, 90 Minutes Each

Children or cadets as they are called when they are in the program, will meet weekly for 1.5 hours with the therapist and learn new social and emotional skills, which can help them appropriately respond to everyday challenges.

Parent/Caregiver Education

4 Sessions, 120 Minutes Each

As part of the package, parents will participate in several information sessions that discuss the content of the child club meetings, how to help their child apply their SAS skills in real life, as well as other concerns they may be experiencing at home. During these meetings, Therapists from Horizons Behaviour Consulting will support parents and provide them with behaviour strategies that are needed support their child outside of the meetings (at home and in the community), and how to reinforce the skills their children learn during the club meetings.

The Next In-Person SAS Group will Commence at the Start of September 2022

SAS Computer Pack Game

All cadets and parents will have access to the new digital platform for 1 year (with the option to extend) to continue spy training even after the sessions have ended. The SAS program will be accessible online, and some parts offline from various devices (e.g., laptop, tablets/iPads and phones). The flexibility of this new platform allows for delivery both in-person and virtually and includes features such as:

  • Access to SAS Digital Headquarters
  • Access to scheduled Cadet Club and Parent Group Meetings
  • Access to Mentor Portal
  • Club Journals
  • SAS Gadget Pack
  • SAS Leveled Computer Game
  • Teacher Tip Sheets
  • Questionnaires


What is Included

Fee per child

Individual Assessment

Before commencing the program, an individual pre-program meeting will be held to gather information about your child and determine whether the program will meet your family’s needs.



Parent and Child Group Session

11 sessions for the child (1.5 hours each, same day and time each week)


4 parent coaching session (2 hours each)



Teacher Information Phone Call

Our team will organize a convenient time to speak with your child’s teacher (or relevant contact at the school)


Cost included in the price of the individual assessment

3-month Reunion Group Session

90-minute session (includes parent feedback session)



6-month talk, Celebrate Group Session

90-minute session (includes parent feedback session)



SAS Computer Game Pack

The SAS Computer Game Pack features access to the gamified learning platform within the SAS Digital Headquarters (12 months access), a digital guide booklet for adults, and the SAS E-Telligence Pack resources.


The E-telligence Pack is designed to provide each child with their own visual supports accessible through compatible devices, such as laptops, iPads and phones!


Total Cost for the Entire Program


Extra Clinical Support from a BCBA during the Program