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Custom Training Sessions with

Horizons Behavior Consulting


Horizons Behaviour consulting offers customized training and consultation for parents/caregivers, group home staff, or staff at schools. For example, we offer training on topics related to:

Understanding Autism

Autism is a spectrum disorder affecting social skills, communication, and behaviour. It impacts 1 in 36 children and is influenced by genetics and the environment.

Sleep training

Sleep training involves teaching babies to fall asleep independently, using methods like positive reinforcement and consistent routines. It aims to improve sleep quality for both babies and parents, with various techniques such as the Cry It Out method or Gentle Sleep Training, tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Understanding what ABA is and what is not ABA

ABA therapy uses learning and behaviour science to enhance positive behaviours, reduce negative ones, and improve social skills, communication, and behaviour through personalized interventions by board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs).

Toilet training

Toilet training is the process of teaching children to use the toilet independently for urination and bowel movements. It involves establishing routines, positive reinforcement, and patience to help children develop this essential self-care skill at their own pace.

Managing problem behaviour

Managing problem behaviour involves identifying triggers, using positive reinforcement and clear communication to address and reduce challenging behaviours effectively in a supportive environment.

Understanding the function
of a behaviour

Understanding the function of a behaviour involves identifying the purpose behind why an individual engages in a specific behaviour, helping to determine triggers and consequences for effective behaviour management.

Lauren Camellato

Senior Therapist

Lauren has been working in the field of ABA for 5 years and is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Lauren first began working with children with ASD through providing support at summer programs teaching children with exceptionalities to swim and bike. She has since gained experience working with young adults in Life Skills programming, as well as providing IBI and tutoring services to children. Lauren went on to obtain an Autism Behaviour Science certificate and further her education in the field of ABA and pursue a degree through Florida Institute of Technology’s Masters of Behaviour Analysis Practice program. Lauren is passionate about practicing ABA through compassionate care and strives to create environments that foster each child’s unique learning style.